Review List

Here is a list of all the reviews you can find on this site :-

  • A

Adams, Guy – Kronos

  • B

Bacon, Stephen – Ill At Ease

Baker, Adam – Outpost

Baker, Robin – Primal

Bird, Allyson – Wine And Rank Poison

Black, Charles (ed) – The Fourth Black Book Of Horror

Black, Charles (ed) – The Fifth Black Book Of Horror

Black, Charles (ed) – The Sixth Black Book Of Horror

Black, Charles (ed) – The Seventh Black Book Of Horror

Black, Charles (ed) – The Eighth Black Book Of Horror

Blatty, William Peter – Dimiter

Bradbury, Ray – The October Country

Breedlove, Bill (ed) – When The Night Comes Down

Brevik, Bart – Outer Darkness

British Fantasy Society – Yearbook, 2009

Brown, Dan – The Lost Symbol

  • C

Campbell, Ramsey – Ancient Images

Campbell, Ramsey – Creatures Of The Pool

Campbell, Ramsey – Solomon Kane

Chamberlin, Adrian – The Caretakers

Clegg, Douglas – Isis

Connolly, John – The Burning Soul

Connolly, John – The Gates

Connolly, John – The Lovers

Connolly, John – The Reapers

Connolly, John – The Whisperers

Copper, Basil – Darkness, Mist and Shadows

Cottam, Francis – The Resident

Curtis, Peter – The Witches

  • D

Datlow, Ellen (ed) – Haunted Legends

D’Lacey, Joseph – Meat

D’Lacey, Joseph – Snake Eyes

Doig, James (ed)- Australian Ghost Stories

Dunbar, Robert – Martyrs & Monsters

Dunbar, Robert – The Pines

Dunbar, Robert – Willy

Dunbar, Robert – Wood

  • E
  • F

Finch, Paul – Cape Wrath

Finch, Paul – Sparrowhawk

Finch, Paul – Stronghold

Finch, Paul (ed) – Terror Tales Of The Lake District

Fletcher, Tom – The Thing On The Shore

Fowler, Christopher – Hell Train

Fry, Gary – Abolisher Of Roses

  • G

Gaskin, John – The Long Retreating Day

Gifune, Greg F. – Catching Hell

Gifune, Greg F. – Children Of Chaos

Golden, Christopher (ed) – Zombie: An Anthology Of The Undead

Guest, Darren J. – Dark Heart

  • H

Harvey, Colin – Wintersong

Hautala, Rick – Reunion

Herbertson, Craig – School: The Seventh Silence

Hill, Joe – 20th Century Ghosts

Hill, Joe – Gunpowder

Hill, Joe – Horns

Hodgson, William Hope – The House On The Borderland

Holdstock, Robert – Avilion

Holdstock, Robert – Merlin’s Wood

Howard, Robert E. – The Haunter Of the Ring

Howard, Robert E. – The Right Hand Of Doom

Hussey, Bill – Through A Glass Darkly

Hutchison, Dave – Lord Huw and the Romance of Stone

  • I
  • J

Jones, Mark Howard – Songs From Spider Street

Jones, Stephen – A Book Of Horrors

Jones, Stephen – H.P.Lovecraft In Britain

Joyce, Graham – The Tooth Fairy

  • K

Keene, Brian – Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Ketchum, Jack – Cover

King, Stephen – 11.22.63

King, Stephen – Finders Keepers

King, Stephen – Under The Dome

  • L

Lebbon, Tim – Bar None

Lebbon, Tim – Fallen

Lebbon, Tim – The Island

Lebbon, Tim – The Thief Of Broken Toys

Lee, Edward – The Golem

Le Fanu, Sheridan – In A Glass Darkly

Lewis, D.F. – The Horror Anthology Of Horror Anthologies

Lewis, D.F. – Weirdtongue

Ligotti, Thomas – Songs Of A Dead Dreamer

Lindqvist, John Ajvide – Little Star

Lovecraft, H.P. – The Whisperer In Darkness

  • M

Maclean, Charles – The Watcher

Mains, Johnny – Back From The Dead – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.

Mains, Johnny (ed) – Bite Sized Horror

Marsden, Simon – The Twilight Hour

McMahon, Gary – The Concrete Grove

McMahon, Gary – Dead Bad Things

McMahon, Gary – Different Skins

McMahon, Gary – Pretty Little Dead Things

McMahon, Gary – Silent Voices

McMahon, Gary – The Harm

McMahon, Gary – What They Hear In The Dark

Meikle, William – Carnacki: Ghostfinder

Meikle, William – The Chronicles Of Augustus Seton

Miles, Alex – Glory and Splendour

  • N

Nevill, Adam – Apartment 16

Nevill, Adam L.G. – Banquet For The Damned

Nevill, Adam – Last Days

Nevill, Adam – The Ritual

  • O
  • P

Parker, Rosalie (ed) – Strange Tales Volume III

Parker, Rosalie – The Old Knowledge

Paver, Michelle – Dark Matter

Probert, John Llewellyn – Against The Darkness

Probert, John Llewellyn – The Catacombs Of Fear

Pyper, Andrew – The Guardians

  • Q
  • R

Ransom, Christopher – The Haunting Of James Hastings

Reppion, John – On The Banks Of the River Jordan

Richards, Tony – Yuppieville

Rickman, Phil – The Remains Of An Altar

Roux, Madeleine – Allison Hewitt Is Trapped

Russell, R.B – Literary Remains

  • S

Samuels, Mark – The Man Who Collected Machen

Saul, John – The Devil’s Labyrinth

Scott, Cavan (ed) – The Obverse Book Of Ghosts

Shardlow, Adam J. – The Missing

Shea, Michael – The Extra

Strantzas, Simon – Cold To The Touch

Sutton, David A. – Houses on The Borderlands

Sutton, David A. – The Satyr’s Head

  • T
  • U

Unsworth, Simon Kurt – Rough Music

  • V

Valentine, Mark (ed) – The Black Veil

Van Thal, Herbert – The Mask and Other Stories

Van Thal, Herbert – The Pan Book Of Horror Stories

Venables, Toby – Viking Dead

Volk, Stephen – Vardoger

  • W

Warren, Kaaron – Slights

Warren, Ross (ed) – Dark Minds

Wells, Dan – I Am Not Serial Killer

West, Mark – Conjure

West, Mark – Ill At Ease

West, Mark – In The Rain With The Dead

Williams, Conrad – Loss Of Separation

Williams, Conrad – The Scalding Rooms

Williams, Neil – Ill At Ease

Wilson, Connie Corcoran – Hellfire and Damnation

Wright, T.M. – Little Boy Lost

  • X
  • Y
  • Z

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