The Resident by Francis Cottam

The Resident

by Francis Cottam

Published by Arrow Books, 2011.


Published under the esteemed Hammer imprint The Resident is also a major motion picture but how does the print version shape up?


This is the story of Juliet Devereau who, after finding her husband in bed with another woman, seeks out a new apartment and a new life. She finds a, seemingly, perfect new home under the Brooklyn Bridge and is immediatley charmed by landlord Max and his elderly grandfather August. Ominous signs that there may be more to the apartment and her landlord begin to show themselves as Juliets paranoia mounts. The whole thing builds to an exciting and gripping climax worthy of Hollywood.


I enjoyed The Resident but it did seem to take a while to get going. Initially I felt the dialogue was stilted and the characters rather dull but familiarity, in this case, bred enjoyment and I soon found myself drawn into the book. It’s a novel with a strange structure moving between character’s point of view to retell the story from different standpoints. This repetition slows things down somewhat and it’s not until the final sections that things really pick up pace.


Other than some interesting psychological horror themes this tale doesn’t seem to have too much in common with the classic hammer imprint or it’s more recent incarnation (Wakes Wood) but fans of Hollywood thrillers will enjoy this even if true horror fans could probably find more satisfying reads elsewhere on the horror shelves.




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