The Obverse Book Of Ghosts edited by Cavan Scott


The Obverse Book Of Ghosts

Edited by Cavan Scott

Published by Obverse Books, 2010

The thirteen stories in the Obverse Book of Ghosts have been put together by editor Cavan Scott to, “follow in the phantasmagorical footsteps of those classic supernatural anthologies of the past.” Among this selection we have stories from new and established authors covering a wide range of styles, but all with their foundations in the supernatural ghost story.

Among the standouts here are The Windmill by Rebecca Levene which opens the collection with a powerful exploration of the criminal world and some great imagery. Down To The Last Drop by Guy Adams adds a couple of nice twists to a more traditional ghost story. Just A Fox by Mark Wright and Have To by Stuart Douglas are both emotionally strong pieces.

For me though, the two standouts here are Platform Alteration by Scott Handcock which is a well written weird tale full of strong nightmarish imagery and The Cull by George Mann which is an excellent story of a woman’s quest to gain freedom from her guardian angel and is the highlight in a strong collection, the writing in both these tales is powerful and engaging.

Thirteen tales of ghostly goings on from an excellent selection of writers, there isn’t a bad story among them just degrees of good. There is also a lot of originality on display here and for once it’s a collection that doesn’t take itself too seriously with several tales showing that  humour can be used successfully in a horror story without lessening its impact. An enjoyable and wide ranging collection with something for every palette.

Rating 4 out of 5


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  1. Thanks for the great review. So glad you enjoyed it.

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