Don’t Look Back

For those who follow this site I’m sure this post will come as a surprise especially as my last post was written in 2015 so let me explain.

For various reasons, that I might explain at some future telling, I pretty much stopped reviewing books in 2015. Now this had noting to do with my love of books and especially horror books, that is still there. No, it had more to do with my confidence as a reviewer and my feelings about reviewing in general.

It’s a weird thing that anyone can set themselves up as a reviewer on the Internet and suddenly they have an authoritative voice and platform that could effect other peoples careers, dreams, Jesus even their lives.

I like to think my reviews were fair and honest and I didn’t generally post bad reviews simply because I don’t generally finish bad books, but even so, I felt a pressure from reviewing that began to spoil the enjoyment of the reading, so I stopped.

I restarted in various new incarnations but the joy had gone. I was in a tremendously privileged position being able to talk to authors, publishers, being given access to early proof copies and free books, the best bit was the free books! I want to thank everyone who helped me, both fellow reviewers, publishers and authors. I hope I gave something back for all that you gave me.

All of which sounds like a valedictory speech but actually this isn’t goodbye, it’s a new hello.

Since I could read I wanted to write and I did write some absolute rubbish but I never told anyone and I never tried to get anything published. A few years ago I popped above the parapet and had a couple of short stories published but I still didn’t have the confidence to really make writing a public thing until now.

So what’s changed, I don’t know. I have stories burning a hole in both my mind and my PC that I want to get out there and so I’ve decided to do just that. I will be trying to get some other short stories published very shortly and am half way into a novel I’ve left simmering on a low heat for many years now. Recently I’ve brought it back to the boil and added some extra onions, I’m aiming for a completed first draft by May and despite it being many years in the making I know this time it will happen. I don’t know why I know but I know.

So if you’ve ever found this site valuable. If you’ve ever wanted to see a writer struggle on the first shaky steps on the ladder to obscurity. If you love horror and dark fiction and fancy reading some stories by this new guy I know (I’ve heard he’s pretty good) then hold onto your hats.

In the meantime something is stirring in the Black Abyss, full steam ahead please and for god’s sake, don’t look back.



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