Review Policy

REVIEWING: I receive numerous requests for reviews and while I would love to commit to reviews this is often not possible. Please don’t take this as rudeness or lack of interest it is simply a time constraint. If you still wish your product to be reviewed at The Black Abyss then send me a copy and I will try and fit it into my schedule subject to the following conditions:-

  • Physical books always get priority.
  • I have the right to not review your product. I feel it is unfair to review a book that I can’t finish. I prioritise reviews according to release dates and/or how much I think I will like the product.
  • I only accept products suitable for this blog.  Horror and Dark Fiction are my main areas of interest but I also feature historical, thrillers, crime, fantasy and SF. Anything with a supernatural edge is preferred, no Paranormal Romance though. I do accept unbound novels and ARCs. Books should be sent in plenty of time if you want me to publish a review at publication time.
  • I write all my reviews honestly. They will be completely unbiased and fair. They are my own opinion and my opinion only. I will not give anyone extra credit or hype a product because of the company or author behind it.

E-MAIL: cgleslie(at)

Address – Colin Leslie, 37 Heathfield, Croy, Inverness, IV2 5FP.


Thanks for looking.



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