This Is Horror Premium Chapbooks

 I have been privileged to contribute to This Is Horror in a small way over the last few months and have watched as it has grown into an excellent, and much needed, resource for horror fans of all types of media. But the boundless enthusiasm of the TIH crowd cointinues apace with their latest venture, publishing and a range of premium chapbooks. Starting with David Moody’s Joe and Me (see above) and continuing with some of the best writers in the genre Gary McMahon, Joseph D’Lacey, Simon Bestwick and Conrad Williams (see below) this promises to be a range not to be missed.

You can buy the individual chapbooks starting with Joe and Me from this link but a far more sensible idea would be to take out an annual subscription which is not only cheaper but has the following benefits :


  • Exclusive e-chapbook at no extra cost
  • Exclusive members only premium newsletter
  • Win a second year’s annual subscription
  • Guarantee a copy of chapbooks before they sell out
  • Save money

I have already subscribed so expect to see reviews here in the future but given the quality of the authors involved and the fact that these are limited editions I wouldn’t hang around if I was you. You can subscribe by following this link.


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