The Joy Of Writing

My story The Grey Cairns was recently published in Issue 9 of Innsmouth Magazine. You can find purchase links here or even read the story for free here. This is something of a milestone for me as it marks my first “proper” story sale, not that the money is important, rather it’s the acceptance that maybe I can write a bit that’s important. I’m sure all beginning writers feel the same way. Alone at your keyboard (or pen and paper), with what you think is an excellent idea, you then carve and hew a story from that idea but what now, is it any good? Sure you can ask friends and family but would they really tell you the truth? So the fact that having plucked up the courage to submit the thing, an editor actually bothers to read it, amazes me. The fact that the editor might even like it and be prepared to pay hard cash for it is, for me, the reassurance that I am looking for. So I’m delighted to have made a sale and now have the confidence to move on to try to create the next piece of work, only problem is, will it be any good…….?


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