The Abyss Awards 2011

I’ve never done an annual round up before but it looks like all the cool kids are doing them so why not? Here we go with the first annual Abyssal awards.

Best Blog – Read Horror

There are plenty of good bloggers out there but Read Horror are making excellent progress with their magazine style presentation. Most importantly though, there is actually interesting stuff to read here. Runners up Jim Mcleod’s prolific Ginger Nuts of Horror and for sheer good taste in paperback covers, Will Errickson’s Too Much Horror Fiction.

Best TV – American Horror Story

Intriguing from the start but rapidly building into an excellent weird series, think along the lines of Twin Peaks meets The Amytyville Horror with a large dose of Benny Hill era French maid outfits. Suitably gory, suitably non-pc, suitably thought provoking this is everything good horror should be. For those without access to FX I would urge you to start a campaign to get the terrestrial channels to stop investing huge amounts in trash TV and so called celebrities and start taking chances with decent programming. Runners up, Black Mirror and Fringe.

Best Film – Insidious

I like this film, it’s got a fine old school supernatural air which nicely bucks the gore and torture porn trend which has come to dominate the scene. Runners up – Troll Hunter, Wake Wood.

Best Short Story – The Music Of Bengt Karlsson, Murderer by John Ajvide Lindqvist ( from A Book Of Horrors)

I said at the time ” it has everything, supernatural threat, gory murder, pathos, emotion and above all Lindqvist’s fantastic sense of “otherness” ” and nothing has changed, I can still remember this story vividly, it’s seared into my memory and when a story does that to you then it must be good.  Runners up – Little Pig by Anna Taborska (from The Eighth Black Book Of Horror), The Cull by George Man (from The Obverse Book of Ghosts).

Best Novel – The Concrete Grove by Gary McMahon

It was a good year for novels but this just wins it. Its combination of urban darkness with fantasy horror just raised it above the others and made it a thoroughly enjoyable read. In a particularly good year for novels this just made it ahead of Conrad William’s Loss of Separation, Adam Nevill’s The Ritual, Little Star by John Ajvide Lindqvist and Willy by Robert Dunbar. By the way for those of you wondering where 11/22/63 by Mr King is, well I have yet to review it so I’m not going to include it, besides don’t you think he’s won enough already.

Finally – The Keys To The Abyss Award

This is a special award to someone or something that I think has added considerably to the Horror genre over the last year and this year it goes to – Johnny Mains

Everyone in the genre owes Johnny a debt, not just for his Pan Book of Horror custodianship, not just for his selfless charity work (his auction for Japan being a particularly fine example), not just for his work in raising the profile of writers who might otherwise be ignored (his upcoming Mary Danby anthology being a case in point), not even for his editorial work at Noose and Gibbet but mainly for his tireless enthusiasm. This is man who for little personal gain puts his heart and soul into the genre and is a fine example to us all. It’s going to be a big year for Johnny in 2012 with new productions in both his literary and personal life and I wish him all the best. The keys of The Black Abyss are under the doormat Johnny, visit anytime you like and thanks.


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  1. jim Mcleod

    Thanks Colin.

    Well done to Gary, Michael and Johnny all well desreved winners

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