News From The Abyss – 19/3/11

Old Posts Unearthed

Bulk update coming – Some of you may remember when I used to review books under the pseudonym of Highlander’s Books. For various reasons that blog disappeared into the ether (or whatever the internet equivalent is) along with most of the reviews I had posted. I was recently clearing out files from an old hard drive when I found an archive of some of these blog posts, not all of them but some of them and I am going to post them here over the next few days. Bear in mind some of these reviews are now a couple of years old so may refer to details/links which are no longer relevant but I hope they will add to my attempts to cover all corners of the genre.

Johnny Main’s Auction Is getting bigger

Johnny Mains is holding a charity auction, with proceeds going to the Japanese people through the British Red Cross. Over the last few days there have been several new items added to the list including some extremely rare pieces. I also contributed a signed copy of The British Invasion (signed by the editors, not me) so please head on over to Johnny’s blog and bid as much as you can. You can find it here.

Coming Soon

I am delighted with the response to The Inquisition, everyone seems to be enjoying these short interviews and hopefully I’m not imposing on the participants too much. Coming soon will be inquisitions featuring Mark West and Gary McMahon and there are a few others in the pipeline. These, the old blog posts and a couple of new reviews should mean fairly regular updates so keep checking back.






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