Scott Nicholson – The Inquisition

Scott Nicholson – The Inquisition

Today’s target for the inquisition is Scott Nicholson. Scott is a prolific writer with 12 thrillers, 60 short stories, 4 comic series and 6 screenplays to his name. He is also at the forefront of ebook publishing with Haunted Computer Books. You can find more about Scott here.

1 – Which book has been most influential in your career?
In reading, probably Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-5, because it showed me you could be experimental and still tell a good story and move people.
2 – Which writer has most influenced your style?
Wow, it changes. The arc is probably Dr. Seuss to Vonnegut to Hemingway to Bradbury to King to Koontz to Brautigan to Goldman and on and on.
3 – What’s the future for the horror genre?
If I knew that, I might be a millionaire. I suspect more of the same, which the existing creatures falling in and out of fashion. Hopefully the gore phase is over, though it will remain an element of the genre. I don’t think horror needs to be popular. Horror doesn’t care. It just is.
4 – Which book do you wish you had written?
Misery or The Shining by Stephen King.
5 – What writing equipment could you not live without?
Obviously, a computer.
6 – Do you plan in detail before starting a new piece of writing?
Not at all, though I usually have a character or a vague feeling of unease or discontent.
7 – Ebooks or Paper Books?
Mostly e these days.
8 – Horror, Weird Fiction or Dark Fiction?
Hmm, to describe my own work I’d have to say “dark fiction,” since I also write fantasy and mystery and suspense. For the genre, I guess “horror” works, though it is a mighty big tent with lots of weird compartments.
9 – Who should I read next?
There’s a new writer J.T. Warren who is doing some pretty dark stuff.
10 – What was your last book and what is your next book?
I just released Ghost College, the start of a new paranormal series with JR Rain, available at Amazon UK or Amazon Us or Smashwords. I am launching a new psychological thriller, Liquid Fear, on April 1. Which means I better revise it now. Thanks!
Thanks Scott.

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