News From The Abyss – 4/3/11

First of all apologies if you have been trying to access the site in the last couple of days. Apparently the Web Host server crashed and burned (I’d like to think through the vast numbers of visitors coming to this site, but I suspect shoddy workmanship is the more likely cause). Everything should now be back to normal and a new review will be posted very soon of Mark Samuel’s, The Man Who Collected Machen.





Must admit that the launch of NECON’s ebook range passed me by, but having just found it, I’m impressed. The range aims to resurrect some out of print modern classics as well as providing cheaper versions of newer books. So we have the likes of, Winter Wake by Rick Hautala, The Secret Backs Of Things by Christopher Golden and The Face That Must Die by Ramsey Campbell among the many already out, along with White and other Tales Of Ruin by Tim Lebbon and Cold Print by Ramsey Campbell among those coming soon, all at knockdown prices. You can see the full range here.




Anyone who has yet to visit Hemlock Books should take a look at their ever increasing range of magazines and books. They specialise in hard to obtain US mags, meaning we Brits no longer have to pay the outrageous postage. They also have an outstanding range of books relating to Hammer films. You can find out more here.






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