News From The Abyss – Special Alphabet Edition


I have recently updated the index of complete reviews for the site which you can peruse at your leisure here. The list now contains 76 titles from the many diverse, obscure and popular corners of the horror-verse, but there does seem to be an issue with some of the letters of the alphabet. Most are well served by authors (especially C and L thanks to my John Connolly, Tim Lebbon obsessions) but others are completely devoid of authors. Now this might not be too surprising if you are looking at X or Y or even Z but what’s wrong with A or E or T, that’s right T, one of the most popular letters in the alphabet and not a single author name against it. Not only that but looking through my TBR pile I can’t see much hope for the future for these poor lonely, unloved letters.

So if you are an author who’s second name begins with A,E,I,O,U (that’s right none of the vowels have authors against them, ain’t that spooky) or Q,T,V,X,Y or even Z (especially Z) then please get in touch so I can read your work and ensure my OCD doesn’t get out of hand.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, normal service will now be resumed.


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