News from The Abyss – 21/2/11

New from Chomu Press is Revenants by Daniel Mills

“His sublime debut novel comes now as naturally as the leaves to the trees, and as hauntingly as the secret ghosts of your past. It takes us back to the New England of the 17th Century, and to the Puritan settlement of Cold Marsh. Fourteen years have passed since the outbreak of King Philip’s War. During that summer, the men of Cold Marsh surrounded and destroyed a nearby Native American encampment, massacring the inhabitants. Now the people of Cold Marsh are besieged by the returning darkness of their deeds. Two of the town’s young women have vanished under mysterious circumstances, and the country seethes with rumours of witchcraft and devilry. When a third young woman disappears, the men of the village determine to leave the safety of their homes and enter the other world of the woods in search of her, each man haunted by the Jack o’ lanthorn of his own unspeakable secrets.

As the past catches up with them, so it catches up with us; written in the present tense, this is a novel that makes us feel history alive and continuing with our life in the present moment.

More than a historical novel and more than a supernatural tale, Revenants brings Puritan New England to life for the 21st century reader. The ghosts between these pages are real enough for you to feel them breathing. Complete with stunning original cover artwork from Hanna Tuulikki, Revenants offers a different vista again to Chômu readers. ”

More info from Chomu Press here


Great new for lovers of Hammer Films (that’s everyone isn’t it). The company is now moving into publishing with it’s own imprint –

“Hammer will launch its new publishing imprint on March 10th with the release of two novels.

Francis Cottam has penned the novelisation of The Resident, the new Hammer thriller starring Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Christopher Lee. The cover features distinctive photographic artwork based on the UK advertising.

Hammer’s classic catalogue is also represented, with a brand new edition of the source novel by Peter Curtis (aka Norah Lofts) for The Witches, the 1966 folk horror starring Joan Fontaine and scripted by Hammer regular Nigel Kneale. Curtis’ novel was first published in 1960 as The Devil’s Own. The Hammer edition is prefaced with a new foreword by The Witches director Cyril Frankel.”

Don’t know about you but that gives me a warm glow 🙂 More info here



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