Welcome Back My friends To the Show That Never Ends…….

Step inside, step inside.

Ever since stepping back from the Black Abyss a couple of months back I have felt strangely empty (no really). Reviewing books can be hard work, it can be tedious (occasionally even enjoyable) but its rarely dull. So for the last couple of months I have aimlessly wandered through a reading pile of fiction and non-fiction which has taken me to the moon via Hollywood and Stonehenge. It’s been an interesting trip but strangely the lack of direction I normally get from reviewing has left the aforementioned empty feeling…so guess what??

The Black Abyss will return. Now I might not have quite as many shiny new books to wade through initially so expect some obscure things from the reading pile. I may broaden my horizon a bit and sneak in the odd SF and (gasp) fantasy novel but rest assured, Horror and dark fiction will remain the focus of this site but lets make it more interactive. What do you want to see reviewed here? Got anything to send me, review copies, news, rumours about sexually deviant horror authors, follow the instructions on the contact page. I will be catching up with some of the authors who sent me review copies before the hiatus so expect new reviews soon of work by Tim Lebbon, Tom Piccirilli, Joseph D’Lacey, Madeleine Roux etc.

Finally, thanks for waiting…….oh hell….. I’ve missed you, its good to be home 🙂

Colin XX



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2 responses to “Welcome Back My friends To the Show That Never Ends…….

  1. Ben

    I just now saw this…WELCOME BACK COLIN!

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