A Restless Farewell

Dear Friends

This will be the last post on The Black Abyss. Possibly not forever (never say never) but certainly for the foreseeable future. Books are a passion for me and horror literature will remain so but reviewing demands a degree of time commitment which I currently can’t give. The last thing I want to do is dilute reviews in order to meet some sort of schedule. That would not be fair on authors, publishers or readers.

It has been a pleasure dealing with the many wonderful people involved in horror publishing. My thanks go out to all those who have helped this site (and its previous incarnations).

In particular thanks to Ray Russell at Tartarus who supported the site right from the start.  Thanks also to Screaming Dreams, Tor, Mortbury Press and the many other small presses that have supported the site. Apologies to anyone who has sent material for review which has not appeared on the site.

It has been a huge pleasure to learn that many of the authors I have long admired have turned out to be really nice people. Tim Lebbon, Joseph DeLacey, Conrad Williams and many others have been gracious with positive comments about the site.

Finally thanks to Johnny Mains who has helped me and the genre in too many ways to mention here.

I am off now to pursue my photography interests (www.colinleslie.co.uk) and maybe even do a bit more writing and reading (of course). Hope to meet you all again in some fantastic place.

All the best




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7 responses to “A Restless Farewell

  1. Ben

    I sure will miss this site Colin, but of course, you are free to pursue your own life 🙂 Thanks for several years of great reviews and good luck with your photography and I hope you’ll post something here every now and then…

    • admin

      Thanks for the kind comments Ben and for the support over the time the site has been running. Only one solution you need to resurrect SFJ 🙂

  2. Ben

    I doubt that is going to happen, but I do plan on compiling a “Top 5 of 2010” post, that’s all I have immediate plans for.

  3. Sorry to hear this Colin, but good luck with your photography and reading for pleasure! It’s been a joy to follow your blog and thank you so much for all the support you gave to me. Very much appreciated!

    All the best

    • admin

      Thanks Mark

      It’s been a pleasure reading your work and I hope you have great success in the future, you deserve it.



  4. I should really have replied to this when it was first announced, but thanks for the great reviews, Colin. Also, that’s some kickass photography!

  5. Colin

    Thanks Doc and anyone who wants to read a great selection of horror reviews should head straight to your site.

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