News From The Abyss – 5/11/10

Get the celebration fireworks ready, not because it’s Guy Fawkes night but because Joseph D’Lacey’s excellent The Kill Crew is being issues as a kindle ebook. It’s great to see these hard to find but excellent to read small press publications becoming more accessible. Unfortunately, this is one of those mythical Highlander reviews that were lost/deleted when I transferred to this site but I do remember being mightily impressed and in case you don’t believe me here’s a review from my old mate Ben at Speculative Fiction Junkie.


My thoughts go out to William Meikle, his father and his family as they cope with the tragic news that Willie’s dad has cancer. Willie has decided to put together an anthology about the illness, provisionally entitled The Unspoken, to raise some much needed funds for cancer charities and has already got a stellar cast onboard to help out. I hope the project is a huge success and raises loads of money. More details on Willie’s blog here.


Now I know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but isn’t that cover fantastic and given this one graces a book by Adam Nevill I’m willing to bet the content will be equally as good. You can read more about The Ritual here or an extract here..I can’t wait for the finished book.


Finally, it’s good to know that time travel is possible, as shown in this video, beyond a shadow of a doubt…err possibly.


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