News from the Abyss – 3/9/10

  • A couple of new titles from Screaming Dreams will be reviewed soon, these are :-
  • Songs From Spider Street by Mark Howard Jones is a collection of stories from an abandoned future Paris. You can read one of the stories Darkness On The Edge Of Clown by following this link.
  • And The Empathy Effect by Bob Lock features a mind reading Swansea traffic warden. You can read an extract at this link.
  • More news on the Dorchester/Leisure books shakeup (or impending demise, depending on your viewpoint) can be found in this excellent article.
  • The new issue of Shroud magazine is out:

“Shroud welcomes the Summer with startling stories from the Brothers’ May, Lon Prater, Robert Canipe, Marie Brennan, Alethea Contis, Debbie Kuhn, Ty Schwamberger and many more! Brian Keene and Scott Christian Carr share their latest columns, I.E. Lester investigates the zombie phenomenon, Mark McLaughlin interviews a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD icon, Derek Fox discusses the Art of Fear, an interview with Jeff Strand, and cover art and interview from Tom Brown. So much more!”

You can get a copy here.

  • Congratulations to all the nominees for the World Fantasy Awards but particularly Ray Russell for his short story “In Hiding” and Ray and Rosalie Parker for a Special Award for Tartarus Press, hope you win. You can see the complete list of nominees here.
  • A review of Adam Nevill’s Apartment 16 will be coming soon but you may also wish to read an interview with Adam over at the Keeper Of Snails blog.
  • Finally congratulation to Johnny Mains, who as well as single-handedly resurrecting the Pan Horror books has also found time to write a collection of short stories. With Deepest Sympathy will be released by Obverse Books soon and features the following stories :-

A Return to the Judge’s House

With Deepest Sympathy

Gun Money

Jesus Wept

The Bag Lady

Falling in Love with a Dead Boy

Losing the Plot

Bloody Conventions

The Spoon

The Trapper

Life through a Lense

The Family Business

Stour Bridge

Final Draft


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