Filthy Creations 6

Filthy Creations magazine No.6 is now out and I am delighted that it contains my story Bad Manners alongside a very strong collection of work by some excellent writers. It’s available for a measly £2.25 (including p+p) and you can get a copy by following this link.

Filthy Creations 6

Filthy Creations 6, Summer 2010, ed. by Rog Pile

Filthy Creations 6 proudly presents the first episode in a major new serialisation: Sendings by David A Riley.

Also beginning this issue, the serialisation of Craig Herbertson’s The Death Tableau.

Both David A Riley and Craig Herbertson had their first stories appear in the now-legendary Pan Books of Horror. Both novels will be serialised in their entirety, and this will be their first appearance in print.

Dedicated to D F Lewis, this issue also contains:

The Devil At Your Heels by Robert Mammone

Easy Money by Penni McLaren Walker

Rage and The Fat Shrike by D F Lewis

Bad Manners by Colin Leslie

There’s a Riot Going On by Franklin Marsh

Grey by Charles Black

Crocodile Tears by James Stanger

A Solace of Winter Rain by Stephen Bacon

Night Tide by Rog Pile

With five mono illustrations plus a colour cover drawn by Rog Pile.


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