Short Intermission

Dear Friends and readers,

Just in case you are wondering why things seem a bit quiet round here, I thought I would post this short update. First of all, I am now officially a Bookgeek (check out the website here). I hope to post regular reviews on that site as well as here on the Abyss. The first review will Thomas Ligotti’s Songs of a Dead Dreamer scheduled for June 14th so either pop back here or head over to Bookgeeks for that one (and I can tell you now it is a rather special book). After that I should get back to a regular schedule of reviews appearing on both sites. The Bookgeeks site is a fantastic place for reviews and is a very popular site. I hope my reviews of some of the less well known Horror books will reach a wider audience through Bookgeeks.

Secondly, I have been working on a few more stories of my own. A couple are still circulating amongst various editors whilst others have yet to rise from the primordial swamp of my mind. Good new though, Bad Manners will soon be appearing in Filthy Creations Magazine. This is a real delight for me as this magazine has recently featured some of my favourite authors. More news on publication dates etc. as I  get it but for now head over to the website here.

So exciting times in the Abyss, thanks to everybody for their support so far.





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5 responses to “Short Intermission

  1. Ben

    Colin, congratulations on your landing a piece in Filthy Creations Magazine! It had been a while since your first published sorry so I’m glad to see another one come our way!

    Congratulations, too, on contributing to Bookgeeks, although I sincerely hope that your work with them won’t change the sort of books you review, as your site is one of only a handful where I can read certain types of reviews.

    Congratulations on everything!

    • Thanks Ben

      My publishing rate could be related to the fact that I seem to spend more time reading books than writing them. This is a dilemma I have been trying to resolve for a while. As you know reading books for review can sometimes impose its own pressures and I often feel I need to publish a review every week. This is a habit I need to break to give me more time for writing but also to improve the quality of the reviews on here (often they can be a bit rushed). The next review will be Songs Of A Dead Dreamer by Thomas Ligotti and I feel it’s one of my stronger reviews, would be interested to hear what you think. So while there may be fewer reviews they will hopefully be better and cover the same range of material which I hope will reach a wider audience through Bookgeeks. In the meantime, on the writing front, I have three short stories and two novels in progress, I always said sleep was over-rated 🙂

  2. Ben

    That’s a lot of work! I wouldn’t worry too much about how frequently you post reviews although I completely understand how impossible this is to do. I will eagerly await your review of “Songs of a Dead Dreamer.” I’ve got a copy here too which I’ve got to get to sometime soon.

  3. Congrats on the Filthy Creations appearance, Colin. I think I’m in there with you, too. Best of luck with the other submissions.

    • Many thanks Stephen there are some brilliant writers in FC (yourself included). I am absolutely delighted to be part of it.



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