News From the Abyss – The British Fantasy Society

The British Fantasy Society (you are a member aren’t you?) have a new Forum section populated by some of the best authors around. The Ask The Authors boards (here) are a place you can go to…well, ask the author. Now for an aspiring author like me or for any fans of these talented individuals this is a real coup, it gives you an ideal opportunity to communicate and get all the latest news. And while you are there please sign up and join the BFS, not only do you get some excellent reading material as a member but you will also be helping to promote genre fiction in the UK and beyond. The good news for horror fans is that despite the name the BFS is a very broad church and one look at the aforementioned author boards will reveal an array of top name horror authors, with the likes of Gary McMahon, Allyson Bird and Stephen Volk alongside many others, this really is a place for all genre fans. See you on the forums.

And whilst I am here, many thanks to Mortbury Press for a review copy of the Sixth Black Book of Horror with it’s stunning cover and excellent, mouthwatering contents list, review soon.


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