News From The Abyss – 05/03/10

Uninvited Books is a new publisher and it looks like it could be a very important new publisher. This is from the press release :-

UNINVITED BOOKS is a new, independent small press with an exciting vision for the future … and some very definite ideas.

All serious fiction deals (to some extent) with dark themes, and many great works of literature have employed supernatural, surreal or existentialist elements. These books have power. They endure, because they appeal to serious readers and provide thoughtful entertainment.

On the current publishing scene, however, dark novels of distinction often find themselves unwelcome … and uninvited. At UNINVITED BOOKS, we believe that readers will choose quality, if works of quality are made available.

UNINVITED BOOKS is on a missionThink of us as a flame in the darkness, growing slowly to reveal treasures … as well as nightmares. Our goal is to restore the mantle of visionary artistry, skilled craftsmanship and psychological sophistication to dark literature. Maintaining an unrelenting focus on artistic integrity, we hope to publish books that will transcend genre classifications. Is this a radical approach to publishing? Perhaps. Is it subversive? Even revolutionary?

Lovers of dark fiction have been waiting for exactly this revolution.

In the weeks to come, UNINVITED BOOKS will begin to announce our initial releases. We are very excited about the books we have chosen for our first year and hope readers will be just as enthusiastic.

I wish them every success and watch out for more news as I get it or better still head over to the Uninvited Books website here.

Joseph D’Lacey is among the contributors to a new anthology from Dark Art Books. When The Night Comes Down is due for publication in time for the World Horror Convention in late march and features stories from Nate Kenyone, Robert Weinberg and Bev Vincent as well the aforementioned Mr D’Lacey. More information here.

Here in the UK we are still anxiously waiting for the release of Joe Hill’s Horns. It will be out in a “normal” edition as well as a nice limited edition from PS Publishing. In thge meantime head to the TTA press site here for more details and a video interview with Joe Hill.

A new book by Conrad Williams is a cause for celebration but put the champagne back on ice as you will have to wait till 2011 for Loss of Separation. As slight consolation however there is an excerpt available on Conrad’s blog here.

I reported recently that Scott Nicholson was venturing into electronic publishing at Haunted Computer Books (here). Scott’s new suspense novel The Skull Ring is now available for Kindle at Amazon (here) and other ebook formats at Smashwords (here), with a print version coming soon. Julia Stone is piecing together childhood memories of the night her father vanished, but when she finds a strange silver ring, the past comes creeping back in the form of a sinister cult.

Finally thanks to Angry Robot books for a copy of Tim Waggoner’s Dead Streets (more info here) and to Tartarus Press for a copy of The Collected Connoisseur by Mark Valentine & John Howard (more info here)


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